Outdoor TV Cabinet with Pop-Up Door Building Plan

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  • Fits TV Size:  50” – 55”
  • For TV Sizes 32″- 40″, 60”- 65”& 70” – 75”
  • For alternative size, submit dimensions here.
  • Door pops-up toward the top and sits on hinges
  • Design includes door hardware and inside magnet placement

Downloadable Plans Include:

  • Step-by-step easy to follow detailed instructions with photos and 3-D drawings
  • Complete material list – eliminating the multiple trips to the hardware store
  • Cutting list with templates for angle cuts
  • Plans are ready to print on standard (“letter”) 8.5″ x 11″ paper

Frame and Posts Building Plans

Are you planning on mounting your TV Cabinet to posts? If so, the “Frame and Posts Building Plans” are essential!  Plans include material list, cutting list, and step-by-step instructions. Save time, remove the guess work and let these plans instruct you on how to successfully:

  1. build a frame to support the TV cabinet
  2. install post footings
  3. install post with the ideal height and spacing based off the size of your TV cabinet
  4. hold the heavy cabinet up temporarily while you properly secure it to the posts
  5. place your screws so they are hidden
  6. install decorative corbel pieces. Cutting template provided.


13 reviews for Outdoor TV Cabinet with Pop-Up Door Building Plan

  1. Kristy Jenkins

    Pop up door is so great for our backyard since we don’t have any wall space. Plans made the project so easy.

  2. Jeremy Sheridonson

    The hardware was the mystery for us and these plans answered all the questions. Thanks!

  3. Lauren M.

    Beautiful cabinet! You think a box doesn’t need plans but these plans are well thought out and the thought behind the weatherproofing is great.

  4. Rebecca S.

    We built this in just one weekend. Love having a TV outside. We went with a regualr TV and feel good about the cabinet protection.

  5. Ted Royales

    Fun project! Eliminated all my questions on the weatherproofing and the hardware. Super helpful!

  6. Mark Rezzler

    I used these plans and added my own twist to the design. It was nice to have the material list and cutting list so I didn’t have to think too much. Haha!

  7. Justin Jezzy

    The material list, cutting list made flowing through this project without any hiccups – just what I hoped for.

  8. Justin Jezzy

    I would of bought these plans for $100. We don’t watch TV inside anymore! We decided against an outdoor TV to save money and feel comfortable that the cabinet is weatherproofed.

  9. Philip Elizondonaldo

    The hardware details in the plan is what I bought the plans for. I would of never thought to use the suggested hardware. Thank you!

  10. Rick M

    The plans went straight to my email and I sent them to my lumber company. Had the lumber delivered and finished my project in a day. Easy! Thank you!

  11. Clint Ressel

    I’ve installed this a few times at my clients houses and these plans have made my job so much easier. I also built the bi-fold and double door one too. Thanks for the great plans!

  12. Greg R

    I am not handy at all but wanted to try a COVID project. To my surprise, it was pretty easy. Love having the TV in our backyard – it is my escape to relax.

  13. Rocky Hellman

    This is the only TV door design that works for my tight space. These plan made the job a million times easier having material list, cutting list and easy directions.

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