GHCHHi, we’re George and Christina – parents, business professionals, and backyard enthusiasts. We live in Sunny California.

As first-time homebuyers with a baby on the way, we did something we never imagined we’d be able to. We completely flipped our backyard from a place we used to hide behind our kitchen blinds, to an eye popping, only in our dreams (or so we thought) outdoor space.



Our backyard is our favorite place to relax and the spot our best memories are made. We find ourselves enjoying dinner by our warm fire pit almost every night. No matter the season, fixing up dinner in our outdoor kitchen while watching our favorite show (Shark Tank) never gets old.

We’ll be honest- the planning was really difficult. Once we figured out what we wanted, and where we wanted it all to go, we thought we were on our way to backyard bliss. It wasn’t that easy….

We were surprised, disappointed, and a little terrified by the lack of turn-key plans available for DIY’ers online for the different projects we envisioned our perfect backyard having. We found ourselves having to do overwhelming amounts of research and configuring (and re-configuring) to come up with the ultimate design.


Can you believe we started this project the month our first child, Luke was born? Dealing with the power tool noise while trying to sooth a crying baby seemed insane at the time, but looking back on it now – it was totally worth it! (We might be a tad crazy too..)

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We had no idea that creating this comfortable space in our backyard would deepen relationships with family and friends so much. Something about the fire pit makes people sink deep in their chairs and the conversations going way into the night.


Being new parents stuck at home, it didn’t hurt that our backyard was such a draw! People love coming over and we absolutely love hosting. With a steady stream of friends and family visiting to enjoy our haven, so to came a steady stream of “how’d you do it” questions.

We love inspiring people to believe in the possibility of transforming their own backyards just as we did… so DIY Backyard was born. We hired a professional designing firm to put together all the building plans and created this website to be the resource that we wish we stumbled upon when we were in the design and planning phase.

We’re excited to share our extensive research, our lessons learned and our professionally created step-by-step  building plans to makeover your outdoor space. We can’t wait to hear about your own backyard project success!

Warmest regards,

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DIY Backyard Planning provides downloadable building plans to create pergolas, gazebosoutdoor TV cabinets, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.


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